Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Since our little Anita isn't so little anymore (she's almost 15 now!), she had a little New Year party with her friends.) Isn't she pretty??

mother and daughter

Anita and mommy

Old frinds

Anita and Miguel watching the rain

Last Christmas

Christmas was very nice this year! Anita and her family spent it in Romania, where they had snow like in the fairytails! Their home is in Portugal, but a little change of landscape is always nice. Although this winter was extremelly cold, Anite didn't miss one minute of snow! this wish of hers created a little problem for Santa and mom and dad, so her gift had to be delivered in secret, during day time. in the end everything went just perfect! See for youself:

Hello Miguel!

here you have Miguel. he's the funniest guy you could ever find! he's true encyclopedia of jokes and an extremelly colourfull character! he is Anita's childhood friend, so we will probably see him a lot around her, especially when it rains in warm summer air.

he loves flowers, so the spring is definetly his thing, with al these fields in bloom!

meet Anita

i present you little Anita, age 12 in this picture. she is a little older now, as you will see shortly in further pictures. Anita is a little strange sometimes (she is very sweet when she feels the need to act that way, but she is, nevertheless, very temperamental ). she loves bread with jam (cherries, especially), janis joplin ans her bike! 

and, of course, she likes light afternoon rains.